October 6, 2021


Hello Everyone,


We have started the process to transfer the entire group from the January 16, 2022 "Harmony of the Seas" sailing to

the Brand New "Wonder of the Seas" March 18, 2022 sailing.  This process will take us a couple weeks to make sure

everyone's booking is correct.  Once this process is complete, we will send each of you a confirmation booking form.


We also made an adjustment to the January 2023 sailing on the "Harmony of the Seas".

By moving the date one week earlier, we are able to do a rare 8-Night - Eastern / Western Itinerary.

Sailing out of Port Canaveral, Florida (Orlando)

Sailing to:

CocoCay, Bahamas (Private Island)

St. Thomas

St. Maarten

San Juan

Labadee, Haiti (Private Island)


This is the first time we have ever been able to get the best of the Eastern AND Western Caribbean, in one sailing.

If you would like to book this sailing, we have a booking form set up on the 2023 tab above


Thanks for your patience.   We will make sure we take care of all of you.

Richie - NTD Vacations / Chicago Music Cruise / 7th heaven






September 23, 2021

Hello Everyone,

What a crazy 18 months we have gone through.

I wanted to give some updates on where we are with our “Chicago Music Cruise”.


Currently, there are many travel restrictions for the cruise industry; and we hear they are coming to the flights as well. 
These policies seem to change often (sometimes day by day). 
Every time I go to create an update, I write an update and the next day it’s no good; as it’s changed.

Some policies are: (which could change; or go away at anytime)

• All guests must be vaccinated that are over 12 years old.  You will need to show your vaccination card numerous times to board the ship.

• All passengers must show proof of a negative covid test.

• The ship might be at a lower capacity.

• Masks are required in all public indoor spaces.  Over the past couple months, this has been less enforced as it was when it started.


We currently have a couple hundred guests booked on this January 16, 2022 sailing onboard the “Harmony of the Seas”.

Sailing out of Port Canaveral, FL (Orlando) for 7 nights to Antigua, St, Thomas and CocoCay.  Group ID - 2912929


We have the ability to stay on this ship and date if the majority would like to.

We have had many cancel / re-schedule their cruise off this ship / sail date.

We also still have a decent group still booked on this ship.


Last week, I found out Royal Caribbean has decided to re-position their brand new, most expensive, longest and largest ship “Wonder of the Seas”; to Florida.  This ship was suppose to be in Asia only; and now will be in America for a short time. 
I was able to grab large group space on this ship before it filled up.

We are currently holding space on the March 18, 2022 sailing (spring break for many); which would be the 2nd sailing on this massive new ship.  Group ID: 3270919


This ship will sail for 7 nights, from FRIDAY to Friday.

Leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL to St. Maarten, St. Thomas and CocoCay.


I was able to secure excellent rates:

4V Interior - $799 pp

2J Central Park Balcony - $999 pp

2I Boardwalk Balcony - $999 pp

4D Oceanview Balcony - $1,059 pp

2D Oceanview Balcony - $1,099 pp

(Add $130.85 pp, for Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses)

Final Payment due by Dec 1, 2021

If you transfer your booking to this new cruise, the rates above will be the rates.

If you are not booked on "Harmony"Jan. 16; and like to book this sailing - do that here


We are moving the entire group to the March 18, 2022 “Wonder of the Seas” sailing.

IF you would still like to sail on January 16, 2022 “Harmony of the Seas”, please let us know.

At this point, we are not sure if the bands will be on the January 16 sailing.


The March 18 sailing on the “Wonder of the Seas” will feature:

• 7th heaven

• Hillbilly Rockstarz

• Serendipity

• Joey Car (from America’s Got Talent)

• Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriquez

• JPM Photography - Jim & Becky Obos

.. and maybe a couple others


For any of you that will be traveling with 3-4 (or more) in a room; book this today!  Space is selling quickly for this new ship and sailing.


We also locked down the cruise for January, 2023 onboard the “Harmony of the Seas”

Out of Port Canaveral, FL (Orlando); sailing to: St. Maarten, St. Thomas and CocoCay.

January 15, 2023 for 7 nights.

If you want to secure your room for the 2023 cruise, do that here - We made a change to this cruise, read above


Royal Caribbean has a "cruise with confidence program", that will protect your booking if you have to cancel for any reason.  Read that here.


I hope you all can join us on this amazing trip; and let’s hope that this pandemic is in our rear view mirror in 6 months.




JANUARY 16, 2022 - HARMONY OF THE SEAS - Group ID - 2912929

7 Nights -  Port Canaveral, FL (Orlando) • St. Johns • St. Thomas • CocoCay


MARCH 18, 2022 - WONDER OF THE SEAS - Group ID: 3270919 - NEW SHIP

7 Nights -  Ft. Lauderdale, FL • St. Maarten • St. Thomas • CocoCay


JANUARY 7, 2023 - HARMONY OF THE SEAS - Group ID: 6984926 - NEW WEEK

8 Nights -  Port Canaveral, FL (Orlando) • St. Maarten • St. Thomas • CocoCay • Labadee • San Juan


Feel free to ask us any questions.

Or call us at - (877) 683-9753


Richie Hofherr - Chicago Music Cruise - NTD Vacations - 7th heaven



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